SWO 4.0 – Meet the Teams!


After an intense round of pitches and a voting process (photo evidence above) involving a whole lot of giant post-its (thanks, 3M!) we are excited to introduce the teams of Startup Weekend Ottawa 4.0!


A vendor management system for local real-world marketplaces.

FrankenDraw – @frankendrawfrankendraw.com

A social drawing app based on the 1920s surrealist game, Exquisite Corpse.

GroupFlyDirect.com @groupflydirectgroupflydirect.com

A new Canadian airline flying direct flights to exotic locales from small cities across Canada.

ShufflePlus – @shuffleplus shuffleplus.co

A smart playlist which leverages your listening habits to create a perfect playlist — every time!

Telejoy – telejoy.com

We call you every day to help you achieve your goals.

Adgile – @adgileapp

We’ll help you build the perfect display ad that is tailored specifically to your potential customers.

PresZen – @preszenpreszen.com

Project from anywhere, any device.

Obsessions  – @obsessionsappyourobsessions.co

We connect with like-minded people physically around you, right now.

Be sure to follow along on Twitter with the hashtag #SWO4 for all the latest news on all the teams. Laptops close at 4:00pm tomorrow, and the pitch presentation begins at 5 o’clock!